The relaxation area in a part of Eco Park Hotel Azalea View of the fountain in the garden A customer medidates in the garden at eco friendly hotel
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Relaxation for body and soul in your wellness hotel in Cavalese

holistic is my philosophy.... doing nothing is also healthy

A small and intimate wellness space

Immerge yourself in an environment that pampers all your senses at our wellness hotel in Cavalese. Breathe deeply in the Turkish bath - feel the warmth of the Finnish sauna and then dive into an icy bath - stimulating Kneipp baths for legs with the desire to dance - the delicate touch along a meridian. Precious moments of relaxation with a collateral effect: a celebration for the senses.  A hotel in Val di Fiemme with a wellness centre offering:

  • Biosauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Finnish sauna
  • Kneipp baths
  • Tub for cold baths
  • Relaxation in vaulted spaces or in the garden

The garden is an explosion of colours

Our garden is our open air sitting room, designed to put you in direct contact with colours and fragrances. It is dotted with plants, shrubs, fruit trees, aromatic herbs and many flowers, some tomatoes and raspberries that are ready to eat. It is a place where you can stroll, sit, lie down, read, chat, or play. The garden is not simply for decoration but rather a world to experience.

The blue sitting room

In our sitting room, with large windows that open out to the garden, a silent space that emanates inspiration. With a slice of cake and a cup of tea, even a book. There is a small, free library available for you. Wellness is also reading in peace.

Treatments from the Dolomites to the world

Regeneration for the body, natural products combined with Oriental techniques at our wellness hotel in Cavalese with Shiatsu treatments directly in your room by the discreet and skillful Annamaria, or an Ayurvedic massage. We offer you a wellness journey from the Dolomites with its stone pine, lavender, or mountain pine essential oils to centuries-old Oriental traditions. At the Park Hotel Azalea, we have embraced the holistic vision and we consider each individual to be a unique ensemble of body, mind, and spirit so we are happy to adapt our proposal to your needs.

A different type of holiday - The breath of life

Breath is the basis of life. In our hotel in Val di Fiemme with wellness centre we use the calming or invigorating effect of special respiration techniques. Immersed among the mountains and woods of Val di Fiemme, find yourself again and recover your equilibrium, health, and joy for living.

Simple experiences

Emotion on the peaks and a sea of flowers - crystalline mountain lakes and picturesque cabins - wade up to the knees and fish in the river - feel how good it is to have two feet on the ground - discover nature with snowshoes - discover the history of the valley through the particular glimpses of the towns - lie in the grass to watch the clouds - a good book and a carbonated drink - We are convinced: happiness is being surprised by every little thing!


Unique holiday-experiences at Eco Park Hotel Azalea