Some children play on the shore of a stream in Val di Fiemme Children learn to skate at Eco Park Hotel Azalea Some children during the evening walk with lanterns in Val di Fiemme

A program among nature: activities for our smallest guests

discovering all 5 senses

The assistants at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea are available for children from 3 to 12 years old, 20-25 hours a week, with a program that focuses on nature, the valley, and themes regarding special periods such as Christmas, with the motto “exploring the world’s marvels together”.

Colourful dinner

Children who can eat by themselves eat with the assistant. They can’t wait to decorate their pizza themselves.

Children’s yoga

Classic yoga, as a practice to unit body and mind, is not part of the world of children. At Park Hotel Azalea in Val di Fiemme, with the help of experts, the positions with the name of animals or natural phenomena open the doors to imagination and play. Yoga positions are used to tell stories in a very imaginative way.

Walks in the dark

With a hat, scarf, and gloves, children discover the night, searching for bats, ghosts, and goblins. Adrenalin and pure adventure! Homemade biscuits and hot tea fortify the courageous explorers with lanterns.

Always a workshop

“Eating Arcimboldo, a fruit salad picture, drawing and colouring with elements from the garden, and building our herbarium” are a few of the ideas to do together at the Azalea. There are small moments associated with the 5 senses based on experimentation and creativity.

Hands in the dough

At the Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese we talk about food, try recipes, cook, eat, and taste. Almost our entire ecological hotel is the result of the creativity of its staff, for an unconventional approach to food, allowing the children to experiment in the kitchen. “Hands in the dough” is a culinary moment, where children learn while playing and use ingredients to prepare a small surprise to taste with mum and dad. Children are directly involved in the weekly “Hands in the dough” event dedicated to biscuits or bread, strudel and pizza.

Walks in the mountains

With a glimpse of the sun in the mountains, the children squint their eyes and a pleasant thrill runs up their spines. Outside, in the morning air, they head up the Val di Fiemme mountains. The fragrance of the earth, flowers, and the playful chirping of the birds. And they’re off for a joyous hike with their backpack and water bottle! The children are curious and playful. For them, nature is a mysterious place that is not afraid to be touched. A huge tree, a burbling brook in the woods to dip their feet into, a shy roe deer in a sunny clearing, A children’s hike is like an entire day in an unknown playground and without mum and dad.

Fire time

In the winter, the end of the day is spent together around the magic of a garden campfire. It’s so much fun to roast marshmallows and bread in the flames.

Welcome evening

After dinner, the second part of the evening begins: the assisted time, from 19:30 to 21: 00. The program includes activities for children. They can play football, tinker, and create whatever they want. Some cuddle up with a book in the reading nook while others paint Oriental mandalas or listen to a fairy tale. As always, time flies. Soon it is time to go to sleep and the children close their eyes, tired but happy.