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A family hotel in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme (Trentino)... Eco Park Hotel Azalea is truly a hotel for everyone. A diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can freely express themselves and feel at home. Val di Fiemme is a family-friendly valley and offers many activities for children of all ages; there are playgrounds and adventure parks that are really fun! After a day of games, it's nice to sit down and listen to a story together.

Our friend Bruno has written a fairy tale for the Azalea children!

Working in the hospitality industry means meeting many people, connecting with them and sharing special moments. Sometimes you can really tune into each other and create a spontaneous and sincere bond.

Recently we were lucky enough to meet Bruno, who came to Azalea to celebrate his birthday with friends. Bruno is an extremely nice and creative person, and on the way home he decided to write a fairy tale for us and the children at Azalea.

Small spontaneous gestures that fill the heart with joy!

Read the fairy tale:


Once upon a time, there was a small mountain village, well known for the amount of snow that fell every winter, whitening the whole village.

It was the joy of the children who lived there, because they could play all day long: throwing snowballs at each other, tobogganing races, skating on the large frozen lake at the edge of the large forest. It was a happy time for everyone in winter, even the adults who were used to seeing this natural spectacle, but each year was different.

In contrast, in the neighbouring village, snow had not arrived for many years. The air was milder and different currents did not facilitate this event. The children were miserable spending the long winter days indoors, finding no motivation to be outdoors.

One day in February, a little boy from this village went to the wise old man who lived in a small cottage in the woods. He was alone, had no family and spent all his days reading or fixing the various broken toys that people brought him to repair. He lived on that! As thanks for his work he always had plenty to eat.

The little boy conveyed to him the thought of all the children in the village: at least for one day they would like to play in the snow.

He could not fulfil this wish but would think of a solution.

Thinking and rethinking, he came up with a brilliant idea! He discussed it with his oldest friend who lived in the neighbouring village, the one where it always snowed.

One morning the old man gathered all the children together and asked them to follow him. The children agreed. All marched off, not knowing their destination.

Thus they found themselves at the border with the neighbouring village. They saw dozens of children from the snowy village wearing and holding gloves, even for their new friends. They had been driven there by their parents and friends on snowmobiles.

Thus began a great battle, the most exhilarating, entertaining and unforgettable snowball fight.


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