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The sound of the mountain 7=6
The sound of the mountain 7=6
19/05/2018 - 29/06/2018
08/09/2018 - 13/10/2018

There is nowhere as peaceful as the Valle di Fiemme ... One day free 7=6

starting from 720 €

7 nights for the price of 6 starting at €720 in a camera colorata (colourful room), at half board

Green lawns and colourful flowers, a few signs of spring or autumn. Reach the high-altitude lakes or muletracks, walk through the valley in the woods, even with the children This is the best part of coming to Valle di Fiemme and experiencing the mountains. Enjoy the sunset on our terrace or in the garden.


  • Full organic breakfast buffet
  • Four course dinner plus salad buffet and tasty first courses, vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Creative gala with seasonal herbs, products, and colours
  • Wellness area
  • Yoga to regenerate
  • Hiking “to go where I would never get to on your own”
  • Activities for children

Starting from €720 in a camera colorata (colourful room) at half board
Starting from €864 in a Junior Suite at half board

Surcharge for children in a room with two adults:

  • 0-4 free
  • 5-10 years - €35 per day
  • 11-15 years - €50 per day
The whole family in the Mountains
The whole family in the Mountains
30/06/2018 - 14/07/2018
25/08/2018 - 08/09/2018

Discover the Valle di Fiemme with mum and dad: the singing forest, the tender green of the pastures with the sweet cows, the Lagorai lakes and jumping trout. July and September, curious and adventurous nature surrounds you for a family holiday.

starting from 1022 €

from €1,022 per family at half board

Free stay for 2 children up to age 11, for a minimum of 7 nights, starting on Saturday

And the adventure begins...

  • Family walks with a picnic in the woods
  • Children’s walks and pasta with tomato sauce
  • The “hands in the dough” workshop
  • Play yoga
  • Family adventures with the Fiemme Emotion card

7 nights in a superior room (1 child free 0 - 10 years) at half board, from €1,022 per family
7 nights in a Junior Suite (2 children free 0 - 10 years) at half board, from €1,120 per family

Surcharge for 3rd child:

  • 0-4 free
  • 5-10 years - €35 per day
  • 11-15 years - €50 per day
Creative for the family in the summer
Creative for the family in the summer
14/07/2018 - 25/08/2018

A colourful paradise for children at the Azalea ... rooms and junior suites, a large garden, a sandbox and treehouse, the playroom with the giant blackboard in the hotel for the smallest children and the one in the garden for the older ones. The slackline links two trees and the hammock is for dreaming. The sprites and wise trees with Maria Laura give lots of space and imagination for playing...

starting from 1148 €

from €1,148 per family at half board

A world to discover at the Azalea

7-day family mountain holiday among the beauty of the Val di Fiemme include:

  • Azalea Experience half board, cuisine with lots of vegetables, creative Starbene Azalea menus, 4-times Steinerian buffet, special breakfasts with organic, regional, and homemade products, Manu’s afternoon snacks (gluten-free and lactose-free menus are also available upon request)          
  • Children’s menu with their favourite dishes                     
  • Family walks with a picnic                          
  • Children’s days in the woods
  • Individual proposals for family excursions
  • Participation in the My Moment program with Mara
  • Participation in the Free and Children play program with Maria Laura
  • Adventure excursion “go where you will never go alone” (go to places you would never reach alone) with Manuela

Numerous advantages for the family at the Park Hotel Azalea ...

  • highchairs, cots, babyphone, potty chair (upon request)
  • fairy tale for the children upon arrival
  • garden and playroom
  • sandbox
  • treehouse
  • giant blackboard with coloured chalk
  • ping pong
  • football
  • starting point for fabulous excursions with the children
  • backpack and snowshoe rentals for your hikes
  • paid e-bike rental service upon request
  • FiemmE-motion card with the family program in the valley

Starting at €1,148 per room with a 7-night stay

surcharge for children:

  • 0-4 free
  • 5-10 years - €35 per day
  • 11-15 years - €50 per day
The Mountain in company
The Mountain in company
30/06/2018 - 08/09/2018

Enjoy the most beautiful mountains in the south of the Dolomites with us. We will accompany you to your experiences in the nature in Val di Fiemme!

starting from 476 €

from €476 per person in a double room

Time to discover the Park Hotel Azalea...

...enjoy nature in every way... flowered lawns, aromatic herbs, walks in Cavalese, Daiano, Carano, and Varena.
...enjoy unknown peaks and mountains, fresh air, and spectacular panoramic views in the Lagorai mountains.
...enjoy the colourful season, exceptional plays of light, and the last rays of the sun in the garden at the Park Hotel Azalea.

7 days in the only eco-sustainable hotel in Val di Fiemme include:

  • The half board Azalea Experience with our Tasty and Healthy cuisine:
  • Our cuisine “with lots of 0 km and organic vegetables”, rich in ancient grains and sourdough, certified “Vegan OK”. Dinner begins with the “4-times buffet” with Steinerian elements, boiled vegetables, baked vegetables, and baked preparations with noble grains 
  • Every evening the “Starbene Azalea” dinner with 3 course menu, including a meat-based dish, and with great care for all food intolerances. During the week 3 themed dinners: traditional - together in the garden - innovative
  • Every day, the tradition of “Manu’s Snack”. Breakfast is special and becomes super
  • every day with a small surprise...
  • Hiking adventure “go where you will never go alone” (go to places you would never reach alone) with Manuela
  • Dawn excursion to Monte Cucal
  • Excursion of the senses to breathe and regenerate
  • Proposals for individual excursions
  • My Moment program with morning and afternoon yoga, with Mara
  • Use of our small but charming wellness area with organic tisanes from the farmstead
  • Backpack and snowshoe rentals for your hikes
  • Paid e-bike rental service upon request
  • FiemmE-motion card with the active&nature program and the flavour&culture program in the valley
Longboard in Val di Fiemme
Longboard in Val di Fiemme
21/07/2018 - 04/08/2018

“Sliding, carving, cruising, and dancing, this is the LONGBOARD-CAMP for children age 8 and up and adults. Those who wish to try it out and for those who have some experience, longboarder Fee Bücheler teaches a solid technique and the first tricks in the fantastic Val di Fiemme.

starting from 1204 €

The only requirement: your own helmet and guards. The longboard is provided.

from €1,204 per room

Fun and adventure are also guaranteed.

The 7-night stay is at half board with the AZALEA EXPERIENCE

starting at €1,204 in a camera colorata
starting at €1,302 in a Junior Suite

Surcharge for children in a room with two adults

  • 0-4 free
  • 5-10 years + €35 per day
  • 11-15 years + €50 per day


Special time with friends
Special time with friends
29/09/2018 - 06/10/2018

Time for me - relax for everybody A wellness week in the Dolomites - a holiday of leisure, relaxation and movement for and with women.

starting from 469 €

At Azalea we offer the ideal mood to take a break from everyday life, to be "active" with friends or simply to do whatever you want.

The Azalea week dedicated to women and friends includes:

  • Half board with our Teasty and Healty cuisine and a special lunch with the unique dish of our chef Paola
  • Adventure excursion "go where you will never arrive alone" with Manuela
  • Cooking class as a culinary challenge
  • Use of our small but pleasant wellness area with the organic teas of the farm
  • Mountain sticks for hire for your excursions

Optionally 10 hours of
Pilates training according to the Joseph Pilates method
Nordic Walking, technique and training on the flat and in the mountains
Hatha Yoga for the body and the mind
Cost of one course per person 99 EUR

Week offer
7 nights 469 EUR per person in double room
Supplement single room EUR 15 per day

The fiemme valley for the family
The fiemme valley for the family
28/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

Discover the Fiemme Valley with your children and together with the VIAGGI DEI ROSPI, the nicest bloggers we ever met.

starting from 418 €

Alessandra of the Rospi says: "Val di Fiemme is a magic place for my family. A place of the heart. A place although I have being since 40 years I can miss. This is a long weekend, suitable for families with children of all ages. A taste of these woods to discover. This is the beauty of this valley. "

The Azalea experience includes:
Half board, the food with lots of vegetable, creative Starbene Azalea menu, 4 times buffet with an anthrophosofic touch, special breakfast with organic and regional products and homemade Manu’s snacks in the afternoon (on request glutenfree menu and lactosefree )
Menu for children with their favorite dishes
Children program Free and children with Maria Laura
The adventure with the Rospi

Arrangement 3 nights from 418 EUR per family

Supplement children

  • 0-4 free
  • 5-10 35 EUR per night
  • 11-15 50 EUR per nights

Off 5% for the Rospi’s friends

Easy walking
Easy walking
01/09/2018 - 08/09/2018

How can we learn to walk more easily, to breathe, to have an upright posture and agile feet? How do we take time to relax, activate and organize our body and mind?

starting from 776 €

The Feldenkrais method exercises connect and harmonize all the parts of the body that are necessary for an upright posture and to walk lightly. We relax the tension in the neck, shoulders, legs and feet, we bring the body to a harmonious movement. We integrate and facilitate breathing.

Mind and body are at the center, walking becomes less challenging and fun! Come and walk with us in Val di Fiemme and with Katja!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me:


Our week Azalea dedicated to conscious trekking includes:

  • Unit of Feldenkrais from 10.00am to 1.00pm
  • Feldenkrais from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm (relaxation unit)
  • On request treatment Feldenkrais and personalized advice in the evening, 60 minutes to 60.00 euros
  • At 1 pm light meal
  • 3 walks with difficulty and length increase (1-4 hours)
  • For dinner, the Starbene Azalea menu
  • Our wellness area and the raspberry leaf infusion

Price of the week from 776 EUR per person in double room

“Making the impossible possible, doing everything possible with more lightness and moving in an elegant way.” 

Sounds around us
Sounds around us
14/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

Everything is melody and harmony in our body. All around is music and sound, if only we allow ourselves to be crossed by its nature. A relaxing weekend with Sheron between the silence, the sounds of nature and the Tibetan bells.

starting from 286 €

Vegetarian dinner listening to the silence 
Sound meditation 

Good morning ritual 
The 7 Tibetans 
Balancing group massage with Tibetan bells 
Meditation-walk in the silence of the forest
Construction of the mandala of sound and celebratory prayer 
Vegetarian dinner 
Yoga Nidra listening to the body 
* A selection of herbal teas and informed water will be available throughout the day 

Good morning ritual 
The 7 Tibetans 
Goodbye ritual 

Weekend offer 
2 nights Euro 286 EUR per person in double room with half board 
Supplement single room EUR 15 per day 
Supplement Junior Suite EUR12 per day and person 

Simple experiences

Emotion on the peaks and a sea of flowers - crystalline mountain lakes and picturesque cabins - wade up to the knees and fish in the river - feel how good it is to have two feet on the ground - discover nature with snowshoes - discover the history of the valley through the particular glimpses of the towns - lie in the grass to watch the clouds - a good book and a carbonated drink - We are convinced: happiness is being surprised by every little thing!