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The best offers at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea

Kindness weekend with ayurvedic cuisine and Nada Yoga
Kindness weekend with ayurvedic cuisine and Nada Yoga
10/12/2021 - 12/12/2021

An invigorating journey into the world of Ayurveda and Indian music therapy. Alice Maria Papes and Stefano Momenté accompany in your well-being with millenary practices and flavours.

starting from 160 €

A weekend of total regeneration. Ayurvedic healing cuisine and Nada Yoga, Indian music therapy, fused together for our Well-Being in accordance with a holistic vision of union with the Whole, between the snow and the Dolomites.


  • Stefano Momentè, vegan since 1985, journalist, mentor of veganism in Italy, is the most prolific author on vegan issues to date. His first editions of vegan and raw recipes were published in Italy in 2002 and 2007 respectively. He has been promoting the vegan choice since 2001. In 2017 he founded Altrocibo Academy, a place where professional and amateur vegan cooking courses are developed. He teaches plant-based nutrition, is also a Food Coach, Naturopathy consultant, consultant in Psychosomatic Nutrition and Herbalism, consultant in Psycho-nutrition, consultant in Nutraceuticals and Functional Nutrition, and Detox consultant. Member of IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).
  • Alice Maria Papes, Holistic Energetic-Vibrational Therapist Sound therapist specialised in Sound Massage with Tibetan bells and essential oils, Sound-Puncture with tuning forks, Harmonic Massage, Indian Music Therapy, Ayurveda practitioner and Naturopath, expert in Natural Food and Healthy Cooking. Holistic musician.


Light Ayurvedic dinner
Evening: sound rooting meditation - 1st chakra - with Nada Yoga techniques

Ayurvedic breakfast
Workshop on natural Ayurvedic nutrition according to the Doshas and nourishment for the Soul
Dosha test with a proposal for subsequent counselling
Light Ayurvedic lunch

Healthy Ayurvedic cooking course tridoshica
Ayurvedic dinner with the dishes prepared during the course
Evening: Sound meditation on Nourishment and care of our inner child - 2nd chakra

Ayurvedic breakfast
Workshop on Nada Yoga music therapy techniques for emotional rebalancing
Light Ayurvedic lunch

Meditation of the Heart (Stefano) and in conclusion Sound Harmonisation (Alice) - 4th chakra
Greetings with a gift of Alice's synergistic vibrational spray

2 nights 160 euro per person half board double room
single supplement +15 euro per day
BEN-ESSERE WORKSHOP 150 euro per person

Workotium among flowers
Workotium among flowers
22/05/2021 - 07/08/2021
29/08/2021 - 17/10/2021

Workotium, a combination of smart working and Latin “otium”, meaning alpine leisure time . Enjoy your smartworking surrounded by coloured style of rooms, amazing plant based food, holistic and active experiences.

starting from 667 €

During these past months of smart working we have learnt that work can be carried out anywhere. So why not choose the Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites.

We have prepared a perfect package for you to enjoy an authentic experience and at the very same time work effectively and productively. We call it Workotium, a wonderful combination of smart working and stylish Latin “otium”, which means vacation.

And right after you close your laptop you will immediately dive into an amazing holiday made of majestic nature, the thrill of hiking, holistic pampering and amazing local and vegetarian food experiences.

Choose to work on the very edge of Europe. Choose Azalea.

  • 7 Nights with a different breakfastevery day and dinner.
  • Afternoon sweet snack in the garden
  • Good morning yoga with sun salutation on the terrace
  • Sound meditation with the rhythms of air, water, earth and fire
  • Yoga in the Casa Gialla
  • Morning walk with meditation at the San Valerio bell tower
  • Narrated massage at your choice


  • Nature and forest bathing
  • The adventure hike with Manuela, Azalea's energy, who will accompany you to the "different mountain".
  • FiemmEmotion Summer Card with its 7 wonders, 4 paradises and 20 experiences.
  • Wi-fi | working station with table.
  • Coffee break station with coffee, tea and cookies/cake (1 set per day).
  • Printing service of maximum 15 sheets included. Extra sheets: € 0,20/page.
  • Printer in room | screen | ergonomic chair |
  • lunch box 
  • We have implemented an extensive series of measures in order to ensure the highest levels of safety for our guests and our staff.



Autumn lights and scent in Val di Fiemme
Autumn lights and scent in Val di Fiemme
23/09/2021 - 26/09/2021
30/09/2021 - 03/10/2021

Discovering autumn, in Val di Fiemme, is not only a matter of colours.

starting from 300 €

The dry leaves and needles of the conifers produce a friendly sound that accompanies every step. The first ochre and orange brushstrokes of the larches can be seen at higher altitudes. In October, autumn sets the villages on fire, until it is reflected in the waters of the Avisio stream. The gastronomic autumn is generous and fragrant with late red radicchio with chestnuts, apple and pumpkin.  

Services included:

  •     3 nights in colourful rooms
  •     Azalea breakfast brought to the table with organic products
  •     autumn menu with Paola's surprises
  •     1 x "colour-catching" guided hike through the autumn landscape of Val di Fiemme
  •     1 private and exclusive entrance in our SPA
  •     1 massage to strengthen the immune system on the threshold of winter

300,00 Euro
Prices per person and package in a coloured room

335,00 Euro
Prices per person and package in a Junior Suite

The sound of the mountain 7=6
The sound of the mountain 7=6
21/05/2021 - 09/07/2021
11/09/2021 - 17/10/2021

There is nowhere as peaceful as the Valle di Fiemme ... One day free and find your tree, your breath, your freedomFinden Sie Ihren Baum, Ihren Atem, Ihre Freiheit ...

starting from 488 €

The mountains in Spring or Autumn in Val di Fiemme. An explosion of colours, the yellow of the dandelion, the pink of the rhododendron, the orange of the falling leaves. Reaching the lakes at high altitude or the mule tracks, walking in the woods in the middle of the valley, taking the ebike and discovering the Fiemme valley and its villages. This is the best time to come alone, as a couple, as a family with children, with a group of friends and experience the bright and clear mountains.
Fantasize and enjoy the last sun on our terrace or in the garden ...

Your kind holiday with the AZALEA EXPERIENCE:

  • Fantastic breakfast with organic products, different every day
  • Our 100% vegetarian cuisine with seasonal products and colours
  • Yoga for regeneration
  • Breath walking in San valerio
  • Trekking "going where you would never go alone
  • Come into the woods with us and look for your tree
  • The Free and Children's programme




7 nights for the price of 6 from 855 EUR with 3/4 board Azalea