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The best offers at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea

Meyotai weekend: Energy awakening
Meyotai weekend: Energy awakening
18/09/2020 - 20/09/2020

MeYoTai by Chetan Chauhan, Indian master. In the workshop, in three hours of practice, Chetan uses different techniques: meditation, yoga, TaiChi and Indian martial arts called "Kalaripayattu".

starting from 200 €

"This particular combination, designed by me, allows you to immerse yourself and experience a unique experience, with exchange of energy between bodies and space. Through practice, you will activate all the senses, entering into harmony with yourself, freeing your body from daily tensions, you can experience different more subtle stages, and with meditation awaken new emotional levels.
Together we will practice joy and kindness." Chetan Chauhan

The workshop is designed for the awakening of energy, everyone can participate, it is not necessary to have experience of yoga, or special preparation. The duration of the practice is three hours.

19.00 Dinner of meeting each other and welcome

8.00 Awakening breakfast
9.00 - 12.00 Meyotai 

The workshop includes different techniques:
Meditation with different breathing techniques
Yoga: Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga
Break with light Indian tea sipped together
TaiChi: energy exchange between bodies and space
TaiChi Meditation
Indian Martial Arts: Kalaripayattu, Indian Contemporary techniques: exercises that explore our body in structure, weight and lightness.

14.00 - 17.00 Relaxing mountain walk
19.00 Dinner

8.00 Awakening breakfast
9.00 - 12.00 Meyotai
13.00 Goodbye

Weekend package - 2 nights

Euro 200 per person in half board in double room with 1 workshop

A reduction is foreseen if you participate in both days for a total cost per person of:
Euro 230 per person in half board in double room with 2 workshops

Single supplement Euro 15 per day

For external guests 
Euro 60
1 workshop
Euro 100 2 workshops


Chetan Chauhan
Vinyasa Yoga - Ashtanga Yoga - Taichi - Meditation and Crossfitness - kalaripayattu Martial Arts - Animalistic Movements

Working in this field is a mission for me, I love to share my knowledge and experience to provide an excellent quality of training, to improve the physical-mental state and provide a new experience to all people. I trained in Bangalore in India and in Italy in Milan. I have been practicing all these disciplines for about 10 years, and I have been teaching in various Italian cities since 2016. 



Autumn lights and scent in Val di Fiemme
Autumn lights and scent in Val di Fiemme
01/10/2020 - 04/10/2020

Discovering autumn, in Val di Fiemme, is not only a matter of colours.

starting from 300 €

The dry leaves and needles of the conifers produce a friendly sound that accompanies every step. The first ochre and orange brushstrokes of the larches can be seen at higher altitudes. In October, autumn sets the villages on fire, until it is reflected in the waters of the Avisio stream. The gastronomic autumn is generous and fragrant with late red radicchio with chestnuts, apple and pumpkin.  

Services included:

  •     3 nights in colourful rooms
  •     Azalea breakfast brought to the table with organic products
  •     autumn menu with Paola's surprises
  •     1 x "colour-catching" guided hike through the autumn landscape of Val di Fiemme
  •     1 private and exclusive entrance in our SPA
  •     1 massage to strengthen the immune system on the threshold of winter

300,00 Euro
Prices per person and package in a coloured room

335,00 Euro
Prices per person and package in a Junior Suite

Offline in September - digital detox
Offline in September - digital detox
12/09/2020 - 26/09/2020

Disconnect to reconnect. Do you feel burdened by today’s technology? Or are you looking for a challenge? Then our offer might be just what you need: a few days of digital detox in Val di Fiemme! Turn off your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV and immerse yourself in the magical world of Azalea.

starting from 430 €

Try out living up close with nature: breathe in the scent of fresh resin while walking the woods, listen to nature’s sounds all around you, or hug ancient trees; practice sun salutations or participate in an evening meditation in the large blossoming hotel garden, or conquer a mountain peak and feel small again in the face of this big world. Relax during a soothing massage or a sauna infusion in our spa oasis and let our kitchen team pamper you all day long with delectable yet healthy culinary creations, which are creative, colourful, and intriguing. Visit us and find out that offline is an extraordinarily good life!

Your digital detox holiday at Azalea includes:

  • Morning ritual with sun salutation in the garden
  • ​Walk for the senses at Respirart, the highest art park in Europe
  • Meditative walk in the wood of sounds (also barefoot)
  • Adventure trekking “go where you could never go alone” to the Stellune lake, a little reign of peace at Lagorai
  • Relaxing massage in the room
  • Our sauna with infusion as a wellness ritual
  • Our creative menus STARBENE AZALEA including a lot of vegetables
  • The FiemmE-Motion Card for the free entry to museums, castles, nature parks, and the free use of all public transport in Trentino for the entire duration of your stay

5 nights in the only eco-sustainable hotel in Val di Fiemme 
from 860 EUR per room

Yoga between herbs and flowers in the Italian Dolomites
Yoga between herbs and flowers in the Italian Dolomites
05/06/2021 - 19/06/2021

Spring is the best time of the year to enjoy a holiday in the countryside in Val di Fiemme, surrounded by fragrant herbs and flowers. Dandelion, lemon balm, elderflower, St. John's wort and hawthorn are virtually the "superheroes" of the mountains - discover the "super powers" of these herbs during your stay with us! In addition to the morning and evening yoga classes, we will show you in Azalea how to use these herbs in the kitchen, what benefits they have in medicine and how to make herbal teas from them.

starting from 797 €

In June the one-week yoga retreat in Val di Fiemme Dolomites takes place. The retreat days begin with an evening meditation. This prepares body and mind for the morning yoga sessions. Between the individual yoga sessions you will have enough free time to get to know the valley, the alpine landscape. You do not need any previous knowledge for this retreat. The program is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students. Participants who have already gained experience will be individually supported by the yoga teachers.

Day 1: Arrival from about 14:00 hrs (if you arrive earlier, please leave your luggage at the reception), evening meditation

Day 2: Light Good Morning Yoga (breath and movement), breakfast, hike with chef Paola and picking medicinal herbs, free time, Hatha Yoga "the beauty of conscious movement" at Casa Gialla

Day 3: Light Good Morning Yoga (breath and movement), breakfast, small cooking class and use of the herbs in the preparation of the evening menu, free time, Yoga "the beauty of conscious movement" in Casa Gialla, after dinner tasting of different kinds of tea from "Carmen's Bio Tea"; the herbs and flowers for this were picked by Carmen Brauns herself, dried and lovingly packed.

Day 4: light good morning yoga (breath and movement), breakfast, e-bike tour optional, free time, meditation

Day 5: Barefoot in the garden (breath and movement), , Breakfast, visit to the Museum Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, Hatha Yoga "the beauty of conscious movement" at Casa Gialla

Day 6: Sun salutation on the terrace, breakfast, rhododendron hike at Lagorai, Yoga Nidra

Day 7: Yoga sensory hike with breakfast on RespirArt , the highest Landart Park in Europe, leisure, dance of the 4 elements with sound relaxation

Day 8: Hatha Yoga, breakfast, departure until 11:00 am

Our weeks - 7 nights
30.05.- 06.06.2020
06.06.- 13.06.2020
13.06.- 20.06.2020

Our prices per person
Double room EUR 797
Double as single room EUR 930 
Single room EUR 867 
Junior Suite EUR 881 

Simple experiences

Emotion on the peaks and a sea of flowers - crystalline mountain lakes and picturesque cabins - wade up to the knees and fish in the river - feel how good it is to have two feet on the ground - discover nature with snowshoes - discover the history of the valley through the particular glimpses of the towns - lie in the grass to watch the clouds - a good book and a carbonated drink - We are convinced: happiness is being surprised by every little thing!