Detail of a jam's spoon at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea Detail of a dish of natural ingredients Natural breakfast served at the eco friendly hotel in Cavalese Detail of a basket of breadsticks at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea

The 100% vegetarian restaurant in our ecofriendly hotel in Trentino


The 2008 renovation gave birth to the Eco Park Hotel Azalea, a totally ecofriendly hotel according to a sustainable and green philosophy and management. It was a path of awareness and responsibility, which led the Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese to offer a 100% vegetarian food with vegan and raw proposals.

A look at Steiner's anthroposophy, in which the plant that nourishes man is in an inverted relationship with it and each day of the week is inspired by a different cereal, brings delicious wellbeing to our buffets. The food of our ecohotel in Trentino, which is rich in vegetables, offers different sensory experiences every day, from the Trentino menu to literary or cinematographic menus, presented with creativity and passion.


The pastry at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea are distinguished by the purity of their aromas and flavours and their lightness. The recipes are designed often using natural sweeteners, vegetable milk and oil with a delicious and at the same time healthy result.
The strudel with "pasta matta" (crazy pastry) is the emblem of this philosophy that changes and adapts according to the rhythm of the seasons.


The good morning in the only ecohotel in Trentino has the scent of fair trade organic coffee and the flavour of fragrant light and vegan cakes. At any time you can enjoy a special tea or organic hertz tea created for our hotel by Mrs. Frener, a herbs expert from South Tirol.

Breakfast has a different theme every day, with waffles, pancakes, crêpes or 30-hour leavened brioches. Homemade vegan Nutella, homemade wholemeal bread, fresh every morning, invites you to wake up, granola, vegetable creams, smoothies and fruit and vegetable extracts invigorate and prepare you for the day's activities.

The restaurant is characterised by creative, seasonal cuisine, linked to the flavours of the Mediterranean peasant tradition and reinterprets traditional Trentino recipes. Guests are free to choose from the various dishes, creating a personal 100% vegetarian, vegan and cruelty-free itinerary.
The intriguing themed evenings are a gourmet journey that takes you back to the "recipes of the past", to polenta, to some experimentation, even raw. There is always attention to those with special nutritional needs with glutenfree dishes or dedicated to specific intolerances and allergies.

The dining room, lit by the large windows looking out over the garden, is a place with a thousand faces, with different atmospheres created with imaginative mise en place that adapt to the menu. Candles, flowers, fruit, aromatic herbs, and a few pine needles...add the rest.