Detail of a child with a lantern at a family hotel in Dolomites Two girls have fun playing table football Some children play with the entertainer of Eco Park Hotel Azalea View of some tables set for children's lunches

Azalea: your family hotel in the Dolomites

Free and children

At our family hotel in the Dolomites, in Cavalese, we don’t want to entertain your children but rather help them discover the mountains in summer and winter. We don’t want to have you unplug but to give you wings to fly farther! 

Children don’t learn, they build their knowledge through experience and their relationships with their su r roundings.” (Maria Montessori)

We follow this principle. Nature is always present, as is the ingenious program for children that makes Trentino the background for your family holiday. “Perceiving, understanding, and learning with all senses” is the motto of the trips in the woods, on the lawns, and in the town of Cavalese, touching pasta, experimenting with the longboard, wandering in the garden, or looking for the sly sprites in the Val di Fiemme. Falling, getting back up, laughing, painting, doing yoga, discovering the flora and fauna: our assistants know how to involve your children with workshops, games, and trips. Together they will discover our eco Park Hotel Azalea and everything around it, an unusual and harmonious place for an eco-sustainable holiday in the mountains at our hotel for families in Trentino.

An adventure holiday for children who can run through the woods. Like a cheerful brigade, they scamper among fairy tales, strawberries and raspberries for jam, sandwiches, and icy cold water from the streams. They will discover the nightly life of the animals, taking evening walks with lanterns. With red faces and skinned knees, they are experts in finding their bearings, finding north by looking at a tree and surrounding it; they know how to calculate the speed of water by placing a piece of bark on it and starting to count; they can tell blueberries from other berries. They know that patience makes water, yeast, and flour become bread.

The areas for our small guests

In a colourful family hotel, behind a large wall covered with blackboards that inspire the creation of new works of art, hides our small play room for children. Toys, colours, and lots of coloured paper that are waiting to be conquered. A sliding blackboard with chalk, a doll’s kitchen, children’s books and board games, a mini-studio for drawing and tinkering, legos and wooden toys. During the summer months, the garden building is the spot for the children’s program. Here you will find everything you need to discover the mountains and remember your adventures. This is your starting spot for fascinating expeditions!

An adventurous, open-air world. The garden is a world of colours, flowers, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and small games for children and parents. Near the Park Hotel Azalea is the suggestive Parco della Pieve with its large playground and San Valerio, an adventurous place with its medieval tower that invites young and old to experience nature and history face-to-face. And right outside there is lots of space for running, jumping, and playing. In winter, the snowy garden is perfect for creating friendly snowmen.

Unending space:

  • Treehouse
  • Sandbox
  • Fountain for making mudpies
  • Trampoline
  • Slackline
  • Table tennis
  • Lawn for playing and letting loose, far from the road
  • Home-workshop

Services for children

It is often the apparently insignificant pleasant touches that create, from the start, the right atmosphere for a family holiday. When booking find out which of the following objects for your children you would like to leave at home during your family holiday in Trentino Alto Adige.

You will find:

  • Baby cribs and children’s cots
  • Safety net for children’s cot
  • Night light
  • Changing pad and potty chair
  • Baby bathtub
  • Bottle warmer
  • High chairs
  • Plates, tumblers, and coloured utensils
  • Bib
  • Fairytale of the Valle di Fiemme
  • Stroller
  • Backpack for children