Homemade products at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea Flowers left to dry out at the eco friendly hotel Italy The wooden structure of the eco friendly hotel

Eco-sustainable ideas in our eco-friendly hotel in Trentino

more than just green...

The 2008 renovation of the Park Hotel Azalea, an eco-friendly hotel in Trentino, Italy, was the result of a dream to create a building in harmony with the environment and with low environmental impact and the conviction that nature is our greatest asset, to be respected and handed over to future generations in the best possible condition. The European brand, ECOLABEL, helps us with this.

With this spirit we welcome guests and do it with joy and commitment, love and feeling. Everyone feels like they are part of the family at our eco hotel. We respect each other, are close, and believe in human dignity. Because we are people with sometimes conflicting ideas and visions and because our guests, fortunately, are not all the same. And putting into practice the values we believe in is not so easy. These values must be practiced and applied to the employee, guest, partners, and environment.

Our eco-sustainable choices

In our eco-friendly hotel in Trentino we have begun with innovative choices and techniques, renovating without the use of glues and chemical substances, and obtaining CASACLIMA Class B certification. The wood is not treated and is CFS certified. All windows are energy efficient. We have a heat recovery plant and one for recovering rainwater for watering the garden and flushing toilets. Biomass heating and electricity that is 100% from renewable sources crown a sustainable philosophy.

The choices are also seen in our conduct, services, and products. Our  cleaning products are biodegradable, and we also use active micro-organisms for cleaning. No packaging and no disposable products - we choose recyclable materials. We purchase products from social cooperatives in the area, starting with the cheerful boiled wool decorations throughout the hotel. Fresh flowers in our garden, birthday songs, the music chosen by our employees, the name of each guest and employee, guests in bare feet and pajamas, the colourful garden that is a work in progress, the energy of yoga, the smile of those coming back from the mountains and those, like Bakary del Gambia, who fled their country in 2014.

And then the Economy for the Common Good, ethics in purchasing and relationships! There are no strawberries in winter because cold rooms produce enormous amounts of CO2. The reduction of meat and the search for menus where grains and vegetables reign. And then, there’s the contradiction that is part of our daily lives. While it’s true that we have attempted to head towards an increasingly vegetarian and vegan cuisine, we can’t resist gulasch with polenta and Carlo’s fabulous canederli with ham.

E-Mobility at Azalea Eco Park Hotel

The Azalea Hotel is now a "destination charging" partner of Evway. So, in the spirit of sustainability, a charging station for electric cars is now available for our customers. You can now charge your electric car to enjoy the Azalea Hotel surroundings, or even for your journey home.