One of the walls' decorations at the eco friendly hotel italy View of a field of flowers outside the structure Details of the colourful decorations at Eco Park Hotel Azalea

Eco Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese- the hotel for your holiday

Welcome to a colourful world

Park Hotel Azalea stands out among the 3-star superior hotels in Cavalese. It is an eco hotel with an unusual, colourful, and generous atmosphere. It is always harmonious, tranquil, contented, and consistent with itself. Personality is more important than prestige. There is the willingness to break away from conventions to create a free environment where everyone can feel comfortable, in slippers or with bare feet, wearing an evening gown or pajamas.

An open air sitting room, reading area, gathering point for chatting, terrace and lawn as a yoga room, space to run and play, and rooms with thousands of colours are aspects that make the Azalea stand out in comparison to other hotels in Cavalese.

Park Hotel Azalea belongs to a colourful and family dimension and interprets an essential style made up of natural and recycled elements, with great attention to detail. The areas are fluid and luminous and each corner is a small discovery. The ecological aspect is manifested through materials that are full of energy - wood, glass, and wool - and stimulating colours that put you in a good mood. Naturally treated or untreated indigenous wood and large, panoramic windows that bring nature inside and allow you to look out over the woods and the peaks of the Lagorai mountains. Interesting fabrics, boiled wool, and felt.

At the Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese, craftsmanship can also be seen in the unique pieces from the family’s history. A word, a philosophy, an eco-sustainable thought, a natural thought, a relaxing thought, a healthy thought, and an ethical thought all accompany the idea of a holiday in one of the most special Cavalese hotels. A philosophy of a welcome with a smile where simplicity and respect for the environment are featured.

Feel at home at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea

Tradition and the teachings of Papà Bruno are the source of inspiration. “Where the alarm doesn’t ring in the morning” is our reference image. In this era where everything is rushed, we don’t want to be dragged into the “quicker is better” philosophy. We would rather create our niche in which our lives run at our speed.

An idea, an image, a passion, making hospitality special: we have given Eco Park Hotel Azalea a spirit and contents that make it stand out from other hotels in Cavalese and we have won over every guest with our ideas and our way of doing things. We are even more thankful that we found the right people at the right time, whether guests, employees, or fans, and that these people have all developed a sincere passion for our values. They united with us and enriched our lives with their presence, work, and inspiration in such a fabulous, beautiful and creative manner. This is the Park Hotel Azalea.

Attentive hospitality that comes from the heart: a warm handshake and a smile upon arrival; a cup of fair trade coffee - feeling heard; the perfect temperature in your room; a soft robe and the view of the mountains; colourful spaces where you can relax, breathe, and immerse yourself; the sensation of being home...without the nostalgia of far away places. With this spirit, we at the Park Hotel Azalea seek to spread the love for nature and the idea of sustainable tourism with wellness and the most ecological entertainment.